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At the Law Offices of Hiram Rodríguez, P.A., we understand that at the center of any family dispute are parents and their children. We understand that your legal issue has deep and profound effects on your life, and the lives of people you care about. As family lawyers, we have more than a decade of experience litigating family law disputes. Filing and fighting for custody, visitation, or child support can be a long and emotionally draining experience. You need an attorney who will protect your rights and provide you with an honest assessment of your situation without making promises that they can’t keep.

We are committed to settling cases early on when it is in our client’s best interest and taking the case to trial when appropriate. We stand by your side the entire way, and are thorough in our preparation. We fight the case as if our own family was at stake.

We have assisted hundreds of clients through the family court process. 

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